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Wk 5 Team - American Rhetoric in the 21st Century Language Essay (Essay Sample)


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Wk 5 Team - American Rhetoric in the 21st Century

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In this final paper you will construct a synthesizing explanation of what is and should be 21st century American rhetoric.

Write a 800- to 1000--word final paper that includes the following elements:

    • It should present examples of what you consider successful and appropriate 21st century American rhetoric. – Use any speech from Barak Obama
    • It should present examples of what you consider unsuccessful and inappropriate 21st century American rhetoric. – Use anything by Trump or Trump staff
    • It should identify the particular rhetorical situation in which 21st century Americans must function, paying particular attention to explaining how specific aspects of contemporary American life put new pressures on rhetoricians.
    • It should address how contemporary American rhetoric uses the American rhetorical tradition. (What past genres get used? What past images or phrases are re-used? What forms of rhetorical authority are used?)
    • Finally, it should be explanatory and theoretical. It should incorporate theories of rhetoric to make an argument about what 21st century American rhetoric is and should be that goes beyond the immediate or personal, and incorporates theories of persuasion, communication, and society.

Note. You may use works assigned for this course, but you will also need to research your topic to make it a truly persuasive paper and presentation.


Format your paper according to appropriate course level APA guidelines.

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American Rhetoric in the 21st Century
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American Rhetoric in the 21st Century
America is one of the mature democratic countries that give its citizens the right to participate in an electoral process and elect the leader of their choice. However, the possibility of an American political candidate to be voted for as a leader relies heavily on the rhetoric or speeches made by the individual. Voters in the 21st century have been keen on the speeches made by the political candidates which is why the individuals need to up their games during campaigns to increase their chances of being elected by the people (Charteris-Black, 2011). It is well known that ideas and ideologies in political campaigns must be expressed through speeches. A well polished speech with effective manifestos increases the chance of a candidate to become the president of the United States in this twenty-first century. Many American presidents have used rhetorical devices like speeches during their campaigns to persuade the citizens to vote for them (AbdulGhannyIdrees et al., 2019). However, others have failed to use these devices. Whether or not the use of appropriate rhetoric is effective in political campaigns has been a major concern. The truth is that the twenty-first American political rhetoric is both appropriate and inappropriate depending on how the candidates deliver their speeches to attract the audience.

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