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Wk 5 - Evaluating Contemporary American Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


Please find the instructions, along with the materials attached. Thanks for your help and let me know if you have any questions or concerns! thanks.


Wk 5 - Evaluating Contemporary American

Top of Form

Contemporary American rhetoricians face a number of challenges that are new and specific to this period. There has never been such a large variety of media venues and genres available: Do you tweet, podcast, appear live, post a video on YouTube, start a video channel, and so forth?

Never before has your audience had so many demands on its time. The audience is splintered and multitasking like never before. At the same time, within politics, there is a polarization between right and left, and a resulting distrust of media outlets.

There is more opportunity for citizen media than ever before: Individuals can do what only large media outlets can do today. There is also demographic diversity: Young and old make their thoughts public, and groups were essentially unrepresented in prior decades.

In this final individual assignment, your task is to evaluate how an example of contemporary rhetoric addresses these concerns, as well as any more specific concerns pressing on the speaker or writer.

Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper in which you do the following:


    • Select a contemporary American rhetorical text.

    • Identify the rhetorical context in which the rhetorician is operating.

    • Identify the genre used, and how it is specific to this period. (For example, if your chosen speech is a sermon, how is this sermon different from earlier sermons?)

    • Evaluate how the rhetorician responds to the various elements of the rhetorical situation.

    • Evaluate how successful or unsuccessful the rhetorician is. This may require outside research, to show audience response and/or if people found this rhetorical act persuasive. There is no minimum number of sources required, but you must provide evidence to support your argument about the work's success or failure.

Format your paper consistent with appropriate course level APA guidelines.


The speech I’m going with is George W Bush- 2002 State of the Union Address


Bottom of Form


Contemporary American Evaluation
Date Evaluating Contemporary American
A rhetorician artfully conjures phrases in such a way that makes his content striking, persuasive, or compelling. Political events, commemorations, and even religious gatherings offer a platform for rhetoric. Great orators and speechmakers like Martin Luther King Jr and, more recently, Barrack Obama are among the most famous rhetoricians famed for infusing unique styles to their speeches and making them much more moving than they would have been otherwise. Martin Luther’s historic speech, dubbed ‘I Have a Dream’ (, delivered in Washington on 28/08/1963 remains one of the most iconic rhetoric speeches of all time. ‘Yes, We Can,’ is a mantra born of a memorable, moving speech by then Illinois Senator and Democratic presidential nominee Barrack Obama. The speech, delivered on 04/11/2008 at Chicago Grand Park, has been heralded in many quarters as the ultimate pinnacle of the hope rhetoric upon which Mr. Obama’s presidential ambition blossomed. The US former president is particularly so adept at wordplay that he makes the most mundane of things sound interesting and significant. Compared to earlier rhetoric, former president George W. Bush differently carves his 2002 state of the union address in which he successfully addresses issues of national importance.

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