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Wk 5 Discussion - Informed Citizens Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


Please find the instructions along with the reading materials in the attached document. Please let me know ASAP if you have questions or need further information. Thank you!


Wk 5 Discussion - Informed Citizens

Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words: 

Informed Citizens

While there are more spaces for Americans to share ideas than ever before, complex view points and even important federal policy changes are often compressed into 140 characters.

Select a social media post from a significant political, social, or environmental leader.

Here are the tweets I chose:



Provide a copy of the social media post and a citation for the message.  

Use the Informed Citizen system on page 289 of Analyzing Rhetoric to review the message. (screen shot below of the four stages mentioned in chapter 11, page 289)


Does the post you selected include manipulative or deceptive rhetoric?

If your answer is yes, explain how the message is manipulative or deceptive. In your response, be sure to place the post in context of the larger conversation and debate regarding the topic of the message you selected.

If your answer is no, explain why the information is accurate and dependable. In your response, be sure to place the post in context of the larger conversation and debate regarding the topic of the message you selected. 

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Analyzing Rhetoric
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In the tweets posted by GA Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger and US President Donald Trump, the former makes a major claim that the latter’s claims may not be true. Being a respecter of the law and its processes gives an open view that the truth shall be known. Donald Trump tends to protect himself by being defensive and manipulative by justifying his claims and making inconclusive judgments about the issue. He presents that the secretary of state could not answer quest

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