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Wk 2 Discussion - Dramatization and Explanation Language Essay (Essay Sample)


please find instructions and further material attached. Let me know if you have questions or anything.


Wk 2 Discussion - Dramatization and Explanation

This week, we examine the use of dramatization and explanation.  

Read "Introduction to the Personal Essay," on pp. 21-24 of Crafting Truth. (attached)

"A Father's Flaws," by James Baldwin on pp. 31-33 of Crafting Truth.

"Prickly Dread on Banyan Street," by Joan Didion on pp. 36-39 of Crafting Truth.

"Vamoose to the Vomit Corner," by David Sedaris on pp. 64-66 of Crafting Truth.

"Autopsy Report," by Lia Purpura on pp. 170-175 of Crafting Truth.


Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words: 

  • Choose one of the reading assignment personal essays (choose from the above list of short stories), name it, and describe a dramatization that most evoked an emotional reaction from you as a reader.
  • What was that emotion or experience? How did the writing enhance the emotion or experience you identified?  

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The short story that I have chosen is “Autopsy Report” by Lia Purpura. The author has presented a wonderful dramatization of the human body from the usual creepy image of a dead person’s body being dissected. The words were weaved in a manner that presents evidence of what the author is currently seeing while also providing an empathetic view of how she processes what she is experiencing bridging the connection of the author’s words to her readers.
As a reader, I find the whole piece to be wrapped with a mysterious feeling behind what the setup is and what the role of the narrator is during the experience of opening up a dead pe

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