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Wk 1 - Scene From 9/11 - short story Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


Please find the detailed instructions attached. Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.


Wk 1 - Scene From 9/11


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This assignment provides practice on writing from a storytelling perspective, rather than an academic or business-oriented approach.


I choose the event of 9/11: the terror attacks on the World Trade Center. 


Research an event in U.S. history by using the American History Online database in the University Library. If possible, choose at least one original source, such as a contemporary newspaper account, a journal entry, or another document from the database entries for your selected event.


Here is the link to American History Online Database:      



Write a 525 word depiction of a 5- to 10-minute scene drawn from the selected event placing yourself in the scene as a fictional observer. Consider the following:

  • Assume your depiction might be part of a larger work.
  • Include a physical description and dialogue in your depiction of the scene.
  • You may write imaginary dialogue that is not fully documented, if necessary, but must remain as faithful to the source document as possible.
  • Your depiction should not include any jumps between different periods, such as flashbacks.


On the same page Write a 350-word reflection paper about the scene you have written. In the paper, discuss the following:

  • Why you chose the event, and how you selected the scene from the event about which you wrote
  • How your choices in writing the scene were influenced by your interpretation of the historical source material
  • The role the scene might play in building tension in a larger creative nonfiction piece about the entire historical event
  • How closely your scene followed what is known about the event, and when and why you chose to vary from or supplement sources
  • Whether you think your scene should be considered more truth or fiction, and why; consider the larger issue of whether literary journalism in general should be considered truth or fiction.


Format your assignment according to appropriate course-level APA guidelines.



Scene from 9/11
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Scene from 9/11
It was a usual morning of Tuesday as the sun cut through the middle of the week and people were bustling around. Besides, no one had the time to brace for the deadliest impact in the American history that was going to turn everything upside down. I was among the unfortunate strollers who heard a roar gradually cranking up. It was nothing new for the city that is reputed to be the aviation hub until I caught a glimpse of the unusually low altitude of the flight. Before the onlookers deal with their "hows" and "whys", it crammed into the North Tower. All I could hear for a moment were frantic screams and people rushing away from the site in flocks.
It took me some time to believe what I had precisely witnessed. I wished it were a dream. If not, I wished it to turn into a dream somehow. After five minutes of sheer emotional conflicts, I came into terms with the fact that WTC was in danger. From a safe distance, other onlookers and I could see un-survivable free-falls of dozens of people stranded in the building. In a matter of minutes, the dead-bodies of jumpers had littered the surrounding of the building.

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