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Why to choose modern teaching? (Essay Sample)

I will attach the requirments Please Please Please I want it easy words and use the refrences that I will attach and read the instructions carefully. and pleae on TIME source..
IMPORTANCE OF MODERN TEACHING Name Institution affiliation Course Date of Submission Modern teaching has become important due to the great possibilities of teaching methods that are applied such as seating arrangement and visual aids. There are enormous numbers of ideas used in teaching that motivate students thereby making learning as effective as possible. Modern teaching has adapted computers to be used in education field. This computer assisted learning has revealed the effects it has on success attitudes of students. The advent of information communication technology has increased the use of the internet, Which has inturn led to the development of teaching characteristics of students by encouraging and reinforcing their developmental areas. The modern teaching method has improved learning among students because of interaction with computers with teachers having the role of guiding and hence conveying the educational contents and activities. Appropriate use of information communication technology for specific purposes has become an effective tool in supporting teaching and learning in modern education system. Students have been seen to obtain a deeper understanding of all subjects because technology has reinforced teaching largely. This is because it is not done theoretically but is visually and interactive thereby making students to have a deeper understanding rather than merely theoretical knowledge. Technological advancement has caused changes in all aspect of social life, which have also affected the structures and functions of educational institutions. Economic and social institutions hence expect the educational institutions to train students on technology and gain a positive behavior (Güzeller & Dogru, 2011). Therefore, have to be at pace with changing developments of technological innovations and inventions in all fields. (Güzeller & Dogru, 2011)indicates that the modern computer assisted system of education provides students with the necessary improvements in analytical skills, synthesis and evaluation. This is important since students are able to learn and understand thoughts difficult to understand easily by using simulations effectively. The use of computer aided teaching in education is beneficial because many principles and term in education are visually presented to students using the appropriate method thereby enhancing easy teaching of complex subjects and concepts. This way, students are able to concretize abstract concepts hence, providing them with a chance to learn individually. The success and attitude of computer aided teaching increased significantly as students who have not adopted to the new teaching method of using computers perform lower on average compared to those using computer assisted teaching. The general success of students has...
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