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Why Earth Day Does Not Matter Anymore? (Essay Sample)


Because this is a basic English course, so do not write too good. You have to write the response according to the paper “paper title”, and I will upload a response paper as well but it's related to a different subject. Please finish it as soon as possible.


Why Earth Day Does Not Matter Anymore
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Why Earth Day Does Not Matter Anymore
In most parts of America, Earth Day is no longer significant and they could barely remember it from their younger years. It is possible that a student has sat in class about recycling, reusing, and reducing waste to teach them about the importance of preserving resources.
Every person has a connection to the planet and how someone chooses to celebrate it is their choice. There were millions of people who went to the streets, classrooms, and auditoriums to show their support in the importance of keeping Earth clean. Those early events caused the creation of EPA and it was when the Clean Water Act and Endangered Species Act were made. Based on research, there were thousands of events in the country celebrating Earth Day with speakers in different schools in various states. This was the time when people celebrated Earth Day in a deeper sense and worked hard to make it meaningful because each person knew they needed to make a contribution.
Today, the world has a different way of giving importance to Earth Day and different networks are teaming up with partners and communities in 192 c

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