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Why Chinese Mothers are Superior (Essay Sample)

You will read an article from the Wall Street Journal—Why Chinese Mothers are Superior. This article is excerpted from the book "Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother" by Amy Chua. Do you agree or disagree with the assertions made in the article? You MUST support your position with other materials. The Introduction should be approximately 150 words, Discussion should be approximately 900 words, and the Conclusions should be approximately 100-150 words source..
Are Chinese Mothers More Superior Students Name: School Name: Are Chinese Mothers more Superior Introduction Parents any where in the world have one wish for their children; the best. This wish has made parents have different ways to go about it. Amy Chua wrote an essay in the Wall Street Journal explaining that Chinese mothers are superior moms. The article has sparked debate with people questioning the authenticity of her claims. As she argues tough love as they key to raising all round children, other parents argue the opposite. Her assertion that Chinese mothers as superior has been disapproved by Western mothers to be unsubstantiated. This essay is going to address this issue and try understanding where such sentiments originate from and weigh their effectiveness. Should children be brought up in a tough environment or should they be allowed to choose what they want to do and parents be expected to go along with their children choice? Or should the child be guided by the parent? Children have been known not to respect all commands they get from their superiors (adults). The concept of authority that children have consisted of complex social cognitive judgements. They usually make evaluations depending on the nature of the event, they consider the nature in which the command is given and they focus on how the command is given. Children treat violation of justice and other’s welfare and rights as more serious offences as compared to how they view issues like bad manners. A child, parents and teachers have the authority to prohibit them from bad engaging in bad morals (Yau et al, 2009). Parents have had to adhere therefore to parental goals; parental beliefs and they have adopted different parenting style. Chinese mothers have embraced the Guan parental beliefs, harmonious social relationship and goals of filial piety (Wu, 1985). A young child’s socialisation is influenced a great deal with the parenting style. Chinese parental beliefs Guan –meaning training- involves ‘governing’ the child. It has the elements of controlling and restricting. However, it has also got the positive side of love and care. Therefore, the Chinese believe that the firm control of the kid actually portrays deep care and great involvement by the mother. This parenting concept of loving and caring by governing and controlling has a measurement scale. Recently this scale has been modified to also include measuring parental behaviour. However, originally, the scale was meant to measure Chinese parental beliefs. It took into consideration the ideologies on the child’s development and learning and the ideologies surrounding the mother-child relationship. In a deeper perspective, the two categories dealt with how the child learned through their efforts, self-discipline and modelling. It also made it very clear that the responsibility of caring of the child is placed solely on the mother, and as such she should try her level best to help her chid excel even if it includes making as much sacrifice as possible. Therefore parents have to be absolutely devoted but also cordial. Chinese parental beliefs How parents put parental beliefs into practise is affected by parental goal...
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