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What Success Means To Me: Everyday Life Challenges (Essay Sample)


You have to write an essay sample on What Success Means to Me


What Success Means to Me Essay
What success means to me essay. Some people think that success can be achieved even when they spend the whole day here and there, doing nothing, but it is not so. The fact is that success knocks the doors of people who work hard and face the challenges with courage and patience. Those who do not work hard and keep wasting their lives end up getting no success and no results. In my case, success lies in working hard and studying overnight. I cannot expect it to be with me if I am not ready to work hard and do not devote myself to whatever I am doing.
Is success vital to me?
What success means to me? The fact is that success is as important to me as breathing in the air. I want to achieve success in whatever I study or do at home. Whether it is the matter of doing an assignment or preparing food for the family, I try to give my best, and in return, expect good results and success.
My aim in life
First of all, I want to achieve success in the class. For this purpose, I study overnight and work really hard. I go to col

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