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What is your analytical reasoning in the selection of UD COB as your choice in pursuit of the MBA degree? (Essay Sample)

there are two question both question will be done by Apply the strategic analytical management paradigm, as appropriate, to your solution. Prepare your answer in APA format and bring a hard copy with you to the next class for discussion and submission. 1. What is your analytical reasoning in the selection of University of Dallas College of Business as your choice in pursuit of the MBA degree? 2. What and how do you apply the paradigm to the problem of flat lined wages from the 1980's forward? sample pages are attached. and the Strategic management analytical paradigm picture is attached too. source..

Question 1
What is your analytical reasoning in the selection of University of Dallas College of Business as your choice in pursuit of the MBA degree?
My selection of University of Dallas College of Business as my choice in pursuit of the MBA degree was informed by a couple of reasons ranging from its history of excellence to the professionalism and experience of its graduates. I am intending to pursue an MBA from the University and in this paper; I will explain the choice of my decision based on the Strategic Management Analytical Paradigm and my desire to become successful.
Before settling on the University Of Dallas College Of Business, I undertook an intensive research in the internet regarding the probable colleges that offer MBA coursework. I also looked at the course outline and brochure outlining the MBA course. In a broader context, I engaged former students of the College, friends and even contacts one of the teaching members of staff for further advice. I have a great interest in pushing an MBA and the encouragement successful former students and my individual research led to my selection of the university.
To become a successful graduate in MBA, I have to set my objectives and goals based on my line of work and career. This means that I must have a mission; vision and a strategy that will help me attain my goals of becoming a successful MBA graduate from the college.
To become a real, relevant and practical graduate by engaging in learning and creativity
Acquire the necessary skills of a competent leader with real-world skills and experience developed through learning to enable myself to adapt to the fast changing business world
Before undertaking my MBA course, it is important that I assess my strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats facing me in order to achieve my mission and vision. The analysis will help me focus on my studies, which will improve my chances of passing my coursework and emerging successful.
I have a wide experience in business management as I have worked in the private and public sectors. The experience I gained from working in different position in the business environment can be transferred to my MBA studies, as I will be able to relate theoretical coursework with real life experience. I also posses excellent communication and language skills. As a student seeking to become a leader in the business environment, I am able to communicate effectively not only with other students, but my partners and colleagues in the business world once I am done with my MBA.
From a personal perspective, I recognize that I have a weakness of being short tempered. However, this is something I am working on, as I do not want it to be a hindrance to my success. I also have a weakness as far as concentration lifespan is concerned. Right f...
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