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What Is Poverty? Methods Of Policy Application (Essay Sample)


Please write a 500-750 word essay (about 1.5–2 pages) depending on the spacing) relying heavily on readings from Poor Economics and The Underserving Poor answers the following:
Define poverty. What myth exist about poverty? How do these myths and images of people in poverty influence policy debates? To what extent do families (including extended families) provide the first line of defense against individual poverty, and what are the limits and geographical variations of this support? To what extent are attitudes towards people in poverty affect succeeding generations? What theories are most useful for understand and explaining your observations?


What is poverty?
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What is poverty?
Poverty is defined as a lack of adequate resources, including money to meet basic needs such as food, shelter, education, good health, and clothing. Global organizations suggest that poverty has different faces which vary from one place to the other. Poverty is described as a threatening situation that should be avoided at all costs. There are different myths whose examination aids in the study of the nature of poverty amongst people. Among various myths is a false belief that poor people choose not to work because they are lazy thus promoting poverty among themselves. Also, another myth suggests that poor people are likely to waste their income on substance abuse. According to various studies, the use of drugs is lower in welfare recipients than in the general public.
Myths and misconceptions about poverty have promoted false beliefs leading to inappropriate methods of policy application. For instance, various organizations around the world claim that poverty and population growth are key causes of environmental degradation. Therefore, various policies, including birth control programs and environmental awareness measures have been employed with the aim of reclaiming environmental condition. Organizations such as UNICEF and World Bank consider lack of knowledge about the environment as poverty, thus creating policies that focus on protecting natural resources.
People around the world have embraced various ways of fighting agains

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