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What is home? Literature & Language Essay Research Paper (Essay Sample)


What is home? According to historian, Barbara Miller Lane (2007:50), “Before one can explore the history of domestic architecture, it is necessary to arrive at a definition of the home, house, or dwelling. Historians, philosophers, architects, social scientists and social critics have differed extravagantly in their approaches to this issue.”
Please write a 1000-1250 word essay (about 3–4 pages depending on the spacing) which accomplishes the following: 1). Summarize one of the following author's main points, purpose, intent and supporting evidence used in his or her approach to defining “Home," 2). Use two or more course readings to compare or contrast this view, and 3) offer your own definition of " Home".
This essay exam is designed to measure how well you have assimilated a number of the main ideas presented in the lectures and reading, and to give you an opportunity to communicate them persuasively in your own words. Please remember that essays have no right or wrong answer. Be sure to integrate course objectives into the essay. Successful essays demonstrate your ability to analyze, synthesize, compare, or contrast. Please avoid vague, ambiguous, or non-specific language. There are two questions in this portion of the exam.


What is Home?
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According to Martin Heidegger a building and a dwelling is a single phenomenon that is created out of the rootedness of time, culture, and place. For example buildings can be power stations or stadiums. Therefore, building can house a man although he cannot dwell there. Therefore dwellings are places that are used to shelter human beings. Martin Heidegger states that there is shortage of housing facilities in today’s society. Despite the fact that residential building offer shelter, they are cheap, have good ventilation it does mean that these places can guarantee any dwelling. The relation between man location and space is dwelling. Therefore, a building can be defines as the manner of joining and founding spaces since building produce space .A building is characterized by a distinctive letting dwell. This is because the nature of building is to raise locations by joining spaces together. For those who are capable of dwelling are capable of building.

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