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What Is the Evolutionary Purpose Of Happiness (Essay Sample)


You have to summarize the given article; the professor said it should be 25 % of the article. Like one page or one page and half Double Spaced.


Summary: What Is the Evolutionary Purpose Of Happiness



Human beings have had to be resourceful, intelligent, resilient to overcome nature and the harsh living conditions. Additionally, happiness has played a crucial role in evolutionary biology as they were fitter, more energetic and social, making it easier to adapt to different living conditions. In evolution, happiness is associated with good feelings when people encountered unexpected good fortune and this depends on the release of dopamine, a brain chemical or neurotransmitters that depend on motivation, attraction and reward. High dopamine is associated with increased happiness as there is mental stimulation, which is mental excitement.

Dopamine is released when the events are expected and this helps the human mind to learn about the surroundings (Staley, 2017). Being happy was an evolutionary advantage as early humans attracted mates, were more creative and likely to form stronger relations with others, and such bonds are useful in survival. Genes associated with happiness were passed to subsequent generations. Even now research shows

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