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Make Research And Write A Short Essay On What Is An Essay (Essay Sample)


Assignment: Write a short essay on what is an essay? Use a personal experience. This is a reflective essay that asks you to think about whats the writing process. How do you write an essay? What steps do you follow? What are the parts of an essay? What makes a good essay? Use your own words and be mindful.
This is a first person essay.........


What is an essay?
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What is an essay?
An essay is a short type of written piece, representing the author's objective opinion on a particular subject. Essays are usually written in formal academic writings. There are different kinds of essays ranging from descriptive, evaluative and argumentative essays. Generating of an essay is a process with various steps to be taken. The paper is set to discuss how to write an essay, stating the different stages as well as the different parts of an essay.
The introduction, body and the conclusion are essential parts of an essay. A good essay must, therefore, have a good introductory paragraph with a clear topic, there must be a thesis statement showing where the essay is headed. The paragraphs of the essay must be in order, and the author must provide strong convincing evidence in this part of the essay. The conclusion of the essay must be clear, restating the thesis statement and also providing the reader closure.
There are various steps involved in the writing of the essay. First and foremost, the author must first understand properly what they are about to write about. After that, there is planning and preparing on how to go about the writing. The first draft is then written which is later revie...
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