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What Is Different About Us And The Homeless? (Essay Sample)


Volunteer at a homeless shelter or home for those with disabilities. See how another less fortunate survives in today’s fast paced world. Did you know of ALL the challenges this community faces in your own backyard? Base on the different of us and those special groups, like the homeless. Talk about what the different you can see from them to us, and do you think the world should be more inclusive of those kind of special groups.


What is different about us and the homeless?
The first difference one notices is the will to keep fighting. When raised in a world where one is provided for or where hope is not quashed at every turn, one develops the zeal to keep fighting. One grows and develops a 'thick skin' which then makes it difficult for the challenges of life to harm or even deem one hopeless. However, during my visit to the homeless shelter, I noticed the loss of hope among the people there. The will to fight seem to have been depleted and some of the homeless people appear to have no zeal to fight or confront life's issues. For someone who grew up in a different environment, the fighting spirit is almost ingrained in one's brain. People seem to give life their best. In the homeless shelter, this spirit is almost stripped away and people live for the sake of seeing another day pass and not with the zeal or enthusiasm to make things happen or achieve anything in life.
However, while the hopeless exist, there is also another group which seems to believe in better days. In spite of the challenges and the fact that they lack housing, this group is still hopeful and willing to wake up every day with a smile. Having such a mindset is indeed rare in the world today. People often let their issues an

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