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What do you think about math (or science)? Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


The purpose of this assignment is to have you reflect on your experiences with mathematics OR science.
Choose one of the following writing prompts:
1. Write your math (or science) autobiography.
In narrative form, describe your history as a learner of mathematics. In this writing Include some of the following: your early experiences, some experiences with teachers (in any grade and through university), how your attitude towards mathematics has changed over the years (if it has), why you like it or don't like it, what it means to be good at math ( and if you think you are or are not), what is scary for you, what is exciting for you, or anything else you feel is relevant.
2. Write a letter to Math.
Using a letter format, describe details about your relationship with mathematics over the years: How you felt when you first met Math, how you felt as you grew up together, how you felt as Math turned into Algebra, Geometry, and Probability. Describe your memories of learning Math from kindergarten until now. Describe a moment in a math class when you enjoyed being a student. What experiences have you liked? Why? What have been your strengths and weaknesses in Math? How do you know these are your strengths and weaknesses? How do you feel about Math right now and how do you expect your relationship to grow and change in the coming year(s). See an example letter to Basketball.

If you choose, instead of focusing on math, you may opt to write your science autobiography or write a letter to Science.
Length of assignment: 1 -2 pages (about 500 words, 11-12 pt font)


Math/Science Autobiography
Institutional Affiliation
Math/Science Autobiography
My love for Math today is connected to a long history of learning the subject that has significantly become the building blocks of an enthusiast in the discipline. I loved numbers and playing with games at an early age that my father bought me simple games to enhance my skills in the subject. As my love for mathematics became evident, I was left with no choice but to pursue the subject and understand the subject in-depth. I excelled in High School Math and chose to concentrate on at least one of the broad specializations in the field. Today, I am deeply interested in cryptography and the science of protecting computer systems from hackers. Besides, blockchain is one of the technologies that rely on Math principles and will be interested to deeply understand blockchain technologies and cryptography.

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