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What Can a Fourth-Grader Do With Statistics (Essay Sample)

For this assignment, you will be using the case study "What Can a Fourth-Grader Do With Statistics?" on page 443 of your text. This case study is about a fourth grader's application of statistics to a real-world question. Do the following for this assignment: Read the case study on page 443. Respond to questions 1–4 on page 444. In addition to the questions in the book, discuss what type of results would be needed for Emily to believe that her results were something other than pure chance. source..
What Can a Fourth-Grader Do With Statistics? Therapeutic testing is an alternative medicine assessment practice with diverse foundations and methodologies of application. Practices may be done based on traditional medicine, folk knowledge, spiritual beliefs, or newly conceived ways to achieve healing. Based on assessment carried out by a fourth grader who is also a daughter of a practicing medical expert, alternative therapeutic testing may receive biased results against it. This bias may come due to the researchers’ uninformed approach and or may be true due to its lack of scientific support. According to me, I think results may be biased based on the foundations that the researcher is founded on scientific support which alternative medicine lack...
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