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What are the effects of healthy living? (Essay Sample)


PLEASE READ!!! The topic of the cause/effect essay is What are the effects of healthy living?
Case 3: Cause-and-Effect Essay
Length: no less than 1,000 words, double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12 pt font size
This essay is to consist of your own thoughts, words, and ideas. No secondary sources are to be used in this essay.
The first person "I" is not used in a formal essay.
Write a cause-and-effect essay (no less than 1,000 words in length) that states an original thesis statement.
Demonstrate the ability to write clearly and cohesively when expressing one’s ideas and/or intended purpose.
Demonstrate the ability to clearly state and support a thesis in an organized and cohesive essay.


Effects of Healthy Living
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December 24, 2020
Understanding the importance of living healthy is important for anyone. It allows him to have a better knowledge about how to manage his life by balancing between his health and his responsibilities. In this article, the author would like to discuss some of the effects of living healthily. Specifically, this includes both the direct and indirect benefits that an individual may derive from such. All in all, the author believes that living healthily is the best choice for anyone because it maximizes his happiness in both the short and the long run.
Effects of Living Healthy
Living healthy has a variety of effects that could benefit everyone. In this section, the author would discuss some of these effects in greater detail.
Increased Resistance against Illnesses
One of the direct effects of healthy living is decreasing the chances for the body from succumbing to illnesses. This benefit is for both the short- and the long-run because choosing to live healthy has immediate effects on the body’s capacity to fight any foreign bodies as well as its capacity to maintain homeostasis.
On the one hand, by choosing to eat fruits, vegetables, grains, and the right amount of meat, the body can provide the proper nutrients that it needs to build the cells and protect them from foreign bodies. This is because balancing one’s meals and not indulging too much in one (i.e., meat) provides the body with just the right amount of nutrients that it needs for proper functioning. One of the most common examples of this is diabetes. Diabetes (particularly Diabetes Type II) is a lifestyle illness that is caused by the person’s unbalanced lifestyle. Although there are a lot of factors that could cause diabetes, one of the most common of these factors is the excessive consumption of glucose. When a person consistently eats foods that are high in sugar whereas his body is incapable of breaking it down, it causes several adverse effects on the person’s physique. In contrast, when a person maintains this balance through a healthy lifestyle, the body’s regular functions are improved thereby decreasing the chances for a body to contract the disease.
On the one hand, choosing to live healthy could also maintain the body’s homeostasis. It must be noted that living he

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