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We Are What We Eat: Health Of Our Body (Essay Sample)


You have to write an essay sample on We Are What We Eat.


We Are What We Eat Essay
It's safe to mention that we are what we eat, meaning if we will eat healthy foods, our bodies will definitely show its good signs. On the other hand, if we increase our dependence on unhealthy or junk foods, then it may not be possible for us to maintain our weight and the activeness of the brain. It is very unfortunate that these days, people are more into eating burgers, pizzas, French fries, and other similar meals, and this ruins their lives and health to an extent.
What should I eat? How can I enjoy a healthy and fit life? You may try the following foods in order to ensure your health and sustainability.
Health experts have now proved that berries are a good source of minerals, proteins, and fibers. It means we should eat them once or twice a day to get enough nutrients and to keep our bodies and minds active. In addition, berries aid in digestion and regulate the blood flow in the body. It is a common observation that most Americans do not get enough fibers, which is possible only when they increase their dependence on berries or other foods that contain fibers. It is good for the heart and brain and helps keep the body weight to a minimum. When berries are not available due to the off-season, then we can buy them in frozen form especially the ones which come without any sweetener or artificial flavors.
Whether you live in a hot climate or the winter, it is must for you to eat at least one egg per day in order to ensure your health. It is true that w

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