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W5: Audience Analysis Literature & Language Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


For this activity, you will write a persuasive three paragraph communication intended to convince a particular audience about a topic. Below is information on the topic. Beneath this information are directions on how to complete the assignment.
Flextime is a system that allows employees to set their own starting and stopping times. Flextime is especially appealing to organizations that have a hard time keeping good employees or that cannot easily raise salaries. It is also appealing to companies with the philosophy of giving workers as much independence as possible. Most employees prefer flextime. However, in some organizations, flextime creates conflicts between workers who get the schedules they want and those who have to work traditional hours to cover the phones. Some firms are afraid that the quality of work may suffer if employees and supervisors aren’t on the job at the same time. Record keeping may be more complicated.
Now that you have background information on the topic, you are to:
1) Compose a three paragraph communication that convinces a particular audience to adopt flex time. Here are the audiences you can choose from:
a. A large, successful insurance company
b. A branch bank
c. A small catering service
d. A government agency
2) After you conclude the three paragraph communication, include a paragraph in which you characterize how you constructed the paragraph and why you did so in that way given the audience you selected.


Flextime System: Audience Analysis
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Flextime System: Audience Analysis
Timekeeping is one of the most critical components for most organizations. Although the management needs employees to work regular hours and under supervision, they should be given some level of freedom in that they can choose their working hours. Traditionally, workers would record their starting and finishing time on books. However, technological advancements have provided technologies and devices for recording starting and finishing times. Flextime is a unique time management system that enables workers to create personal schedules that allow them to start and stop working as they please. Flextime can be beneficial to a large insurance company to manage employee schedules.
The insurance industry is experiencing change at an unprecedented pace that has not been witnessed in the last few decades. Ruled governing the industry is rapidly changing, mainly due to upcoming innovations. As regulations change, the nature of employee management is also changing, and Flextime could be a beneficial technology 

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