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Thesis Question Literature & Language Essay Coursework (Essay Sample)


Topic : Childhood Obesity
Create a research strategy by completing the following operations(EXAMPLE ATTACHE):
1. Create a working thesis for your topic. If you are not sure about the topic you chose, perform some exploratory research. The working thesis you write should be persuasive.
2. Create a research question based on your working thesis. Remember, a research question prompts you to find additional information about a topic so that you can speak intelligently about it.
3. Build three possible search strings for your selected topic that addresses the research question you created. Make sure that you use Boolean Operators, and each of your search strings addresses all elements of your research questions.


W3 Thesis Question Activity Sample

Sample (This topic may not be used for this assignment)


Topic: The #MeToo movement

Thesis: The #MeToo movement is bringing light to misogyny in the areas of the workplace, home, and society at large.

Research Question: What has been the long-term impact of the #MeToo movement in addressing harassment?

Search Strings:

  1. harassment AND women AND workplace
  2. #MeToo movement AND policy change
  3. #MeToo movement AND reporting violence



Thesis Question
Student’s Name
Childhood Obesity
Thesis: Childhood obesity is a global challenge in the 21st century affecting low and middle-income countries (Powell, 2019).
Research Question: What is the long term effect of childhood obesity on the health of an individual?
Search Strings
1. Obesity into adulthood
2. Obesity leading to diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.
3. Overweight and obesity are preventable.
Childhood obesity is a serious health challenge in the 21st century. The problem has turned to be worldwide, and it has effects on middle and low-income nations, more so in urban locations. The prevalence of this challenge is rising at an alarming rate. Worldwide, in the year 2016, the total numbe

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