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Volunteer Journal Description Writing Assignment (Essay Sample)


For each day that you volunteer, create a new journal entry in which the first line is the day, date, and time period that you worked that day. Please put this information in bold font. Write a paragraph that describes the type of duties you carried out that day (what you did, who else was there, whether you were a part of a team or were working alone, etc.).
please write 7 small paragraphs for 7 days
day1, day2, ect...


Volunteer Journal Description
Institutional Affiliation
Volunteer Journal Description
Day 1 afternoon
Today it was all about workplace safety. We discussed and underwent brief refresher training on maintaining worker and patient safety within the facility. The instructor, who was the head of the nursing department, taught us about identifying hazards, preventing negligence, and using communication to maintain safety. This session was extremely productive mainly because it emphasized on the role that staff members play in compromising workplace, as well as patient, safety.
Day 2 afternoon
Nothing much went on today. I worked with the nurses and physicians on duty doing rounds on the patients, administering medication, and helping out in whatever way I could. This enabled me to better connect with the staff and also to better understand the patients and perhaps get a glimpse of what they are going through. This transformed my understanding of mental illness and helped me sympathize with the plight of the patients as far as their mental disorders, conditions, and illnesses were concerned.
Day 3 morning
Today I spent the whole time in meetings partially helping to take meeting notes that would be used to compile the minutes. The meetings touched on administrative and health issues in almost equal measure, which helped me understand how these two disciplines interact within an organizational setting and their significance on overall perf

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