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Viewpoints comparison (Essay Sample)

I will provide additional instructions in a .doc. There will be two additional .pdf for this assignment that I need to upload/email to the writer. Please let me know where do I upload all this information. Thanks you can download additional files here: http://www(dot)mediafire(dot)com/?at41y7jlt7o8v8c Approx. 97 Mb source..

Viewpoints Comparison
Professor Name:
(November 4, 2011)
Viewpoints Comparison
This essay compares two magazines, specifically, the PC World and MAC World that publish issues in technology. It seeks to identify how different writers are able to write on the same issue yet have a different viewpoint in the interpretation. Their titles tell of the similar ideas they have in that they are focused on the world; however one focuses on the personal computer (PC) while the other takes a synonym of the operating system Mac book used in Apple devices. Although they are about technologies they talk of different operating systems and companies that dominate the industry. For instance, while the PC world magazine cover story talks about windows made by Microsoft; the Macworld carries the headline of the co-founder of Apple Steve Jobs.
In addition, the PC world has news of Microsoft latest operating system i.e. windows 8; while Macworld has news of the operating system X10.7. In the editorial page the two editors of the magazines give very different opinions in that they give praise to their respective companies. For instance, Editor Jason Snell of MacWorld gives on a positive story on why Apple is not doomed after the resignation of Steve Jobs. At the same time the PC world editor Steve Fox writes of the benefits will be looking up to when they purchase windows 8.
The articles chosen in the magazines are “First Look at Windows 8” in PC World and “Lion Territory” in MacWorld. Both articles talk about using an operating system; however they all draw attention that theirs is the best to use and a user friendly version that every consumer should go for. For MacWorld the OS X lion is described to a lion which may be complicated to many new users who use it for the first time, but will eventually be very user friendly once they are used to it. This article is written as a guide or manual to guide the users understand the lion OS better for efficient and effective use (Oumanski, 2011).
In their article PC World describe how they have been working ...
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