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Versailles treaty (Essay Sample)

Doubled spaced 2 full pages on ---- Discuss the debate in the US Senate over the ratification of the Versailles treaty-What arguments were put forth by treaty's critics-What was the final outcome source..
Versailles treaty Name: Institution: The World War 1 changed the way Americans viewed of the world, to many of them, the war was a waste of time and resources (United States History, 2013). To them, the only thing that America ever got from the war was massive debts, prohibitions, influenza, inflation and worst of all the allies it went into great pains to help were very ungrateful. For one Woodrow Wilson, the president, felt that his “just Peace” plan was going to work, as the world’s future was at stake and league of nations would bring the much needed, where the US would get a chance to take up a leadership role (The social studies help center, 2013). According to him the Versailles treaty would easily bring the whole world to peace forever, unfortunately the Europeans had different ideas. It was in the year 1919 in July that the treaty was brought to the senate for ratification. At first there was so much weight riding on the treaty, especially from the public. Despite the pressure, the senate determined that, it would only ratify the treaty if it was amended. The senate was opposed to the idea of the treaty after the way the US was treated by enemies and allies alike (United States History, 2013). The senate met the ratification of the Versailles treaty with stiff opposition. One of the senate members, Henry Cabot Lodge, the League of Nations and the Versai...
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