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American History - US involvement in Vietnam (Essay Sample)

US involvement in Vietnam and how this helped divide Americans. -Discuss the range of American responses to the war. -How did they change over time? -How did domestic political concerns shape the country's response to the war? -How did the war shape domestic politics in the 1960s and early 1970s? source..
Name Professor Course Date of submission The war against the Americans towards the Vietnamese ranges around 1960s and 1970s. The USA involvement in the war led to many controversies. The sole purpose for US involvement was due to request by government of South Vietnam, in order to repel the communist aggression from the north. The aim was to secure the settlement and allow the Vietnam people decide on the government they want. The US used controlled military measures, so as not to harm innocent lives or bring the involvement of china or Soviet Union into the war. This brought a lot of reaction towards the Americans. Many people disapproved on their nation war policy. On the other hand, some suggested they should use maximum military force to gain a quick victory. Similarly, others argued the conflict was a civil war they should solve themselves. Nevertheless, some citizens demanded an immediate withdrawal of the troops in the war. There were many critics on Americans that they used bombers. The military artillery was indiscriminate, and many innocent civilians died; as suggested by (Daum, Gardner, and Mausbach 5) A few decades after war, discussion rose as to whether it was political or military withdraw towards the war. Time in the essence allows a greater understanding of the events. The Vietnam War is one such occasion. The involvement of US, however, has changed with time. The US president promised to help countries against the threat on the communism. The US thought that if they let the communists take the southern part of Vietnam other countries will also be communists. US President John Kennedy saw this danger and made military advisers help the Vietnamese army...
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