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University Application Requirements (Essay Sample)

Short Answer: Please briefly elaborate on one of your extracurricular activities or work experiences. Personal Essay: Please provide a statement (250 words minimum) that addresses your reasons for transferring and the objectives you hope to achieve. (less than 200 words) Briefly state: 1. Your reason for wishing to attend LMU and 2. How you came to select your major. source..

Running Head: University Application Requirements
University Application Requirements
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University Application Requirements
Apart from being a student with a diverse academic background, I consider co-curricular activities as one of my strengths. I am a gifted athlete, majoring in football. I have played football since I was young; thus, always look forward to better performance. I have held the high esteem position as a captain and steered the school football team to great heights of achieving medals and other grand prizes. Pragmatically, the sport is so much into me that I feel the urge to continue upholding my star high, even when I am done with school.
Being a student for some time now, I have made a decision to join LMU (Loyola Marymount University) for some specific reasons. Firstly, being a Christian, the institution bears religious values; therefore, this would be a great advantage to me. Secondly, it has always been my dream to study at LMU. The Institution offers a serene learning environment, which is vital in terms of academics. The teaching staff here is also friendly and always ready to assist students in their academic work, since it is the core reason the institution exists.
LMU University offers an array of courses to choose from. Through the subjects and degree courses offered, I have managed to visualize how my time at LMU pursuing my degree would be after my transfer here is approved. With a long standing record of stellar performance, indeed there is no doubt that this is a highly profiled institution among many. In addition, the school also presents to students a number of co-curricular activities, which students are able to join. Lastly, the institution is committed to the welfare of students within its confines and outside too. Student’s grievances are met duly, saving any dangers that might affect the institution’s performance.
My main objectives at LMU will be to pursue my desired course, which is offered in the institution. I also intend to satisfactorily build my reputation as an alumnus of the LMU after my exit in some years to come. Thus, this will be my main aim for wishing to attend LMU.
With an intention of joining LMU, I knew I had to perform well to be accepted in their program. Having satisfactorily garnered the points required, I linked up my cluster subjects, which is a requirement when joining the institution. This enabled me pick on my major without difficulties, since I had attained all the points needed. However, the major I preferred was hotly contested for; hence the institution raising the points for eligible applicants, which almost locked me out. Despite this, I was o...
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