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University Of Chicago Should Provide The Students With Safe Spaces (Essay Sample)


Reading due:University of Chicago, letter to the incoming class of 2020, via Intellectual Takeout. (August 23, 2016). 
Cameron Okeke, "I'm a black UChicago graduate. Safe spaces got me through college." (August 29, 2016)
Timothy Garton Ash, "Safe spaces are not the only threat to academic freedom." (September 16, 2016)
Writing due: 
Write a response to either the Okeke or the Garton Ash opinion essay in which you disagree with the argument being made. Use your ethos to strengthen your argument. This might mean mentioning your identity (as a student, as a member of a particular cultural group) and your values and beliefs. 
Your response can be informally written, but should be written in a way that's respectful to the original author (i.e., no ad hominem attacks). ~250-300 words.


Safe Spaces
Safe Spaces
According to Cameron Okeke, University of Chicago should provide the students with safe spaces and trigger warnings to make sure that the students are protected from all forms of aggression that are motivated by cultural diversity, political orientation, religious beliefs and many other ideologies. Okeke further indicates that, it is important for the students to have these spaces so that they are able to heal from all the attacks that they might experience on campus.
There is a weakness in the approach that Okeke presents and this is associated with the element of protection from different ideas and philosophies in a higher learning institution. Students at the university level are not simply gaining academically for their professional careers. They are also being trained

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