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Why The United States Should Adopt An Open Immigration Policy (Essay Sample)


Two Viewpoints explaining why Immigration Must Be Restricted to Protect America Americans Against Terrorists and why the United States Should Adopt an Open Immigration Policy


Two Viewpoints explaining why Immigration Must Be Restricted to Protect America Americans Against Terrorists and why the United States Should Adopt an Open Immigration Policy
A Comparison of the Benefits of Immigration as compared to its Negative Impacts
Debates om the issues of immigration have existed for a long time across America. Numerous social issues such as the pursuit of improved living standards by the immigrants in the United States have contributed to making immigration an issue of national concern. Immigration has some pros such as the augmentation of labor in some of the labor-intensive countries helps in boosting the economy of the country. Some people who are against immigration say that acts of immigration have some cons like enhancing the level through which people scramble for the available resources in the country and increases crime as a survival means. The essay shows the debates on immigration where some people support the immigration policies as they see the pros of the policies while some people argue that the policies ought to be restricted to protect Americans against terrorism.
ViewPoint A (Supportive reasons for adoption of immigration)
Immigration policies should be adopted in America as they have various positive impacts. One of the economic benefits of immigration is the augmentation of the American economy. A portion of the American economy depends on immigrants on the input of labor and running most of the industries through the skills that the immigrants provide (Mansur 2017). Industries require the amalgamation of technological skills and manual skills, which depicts the amalgamation of both labors extensive and labor-intensive business approaches.
The other benefit of immigration is that immigration has helped in shaping America socially. Immigration can be credited to the diversification of cultural elements in America as seen through the diversified cultural aspects such as extensive languages, religions and different practices. Diversification of social elements is a crucial element that gives people a sense of belonging (Wilson 2017). Different schools have curriculums built on cultural diversity to accommodate the needs of various learners, where cultural diversity is a social issue that arises fr

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