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6-2 Short Paper: Building Common Ground and Trust Using Evidence (Essay Sample)


One of the ways management can manage difficult situations, collect relevant information, and build common ground and trust with employees is establishing communication based on evidence rather than judgment.
Using the final project transcripts provided, create a list of the relevant facts that are pertinent to the case. This is information that you would use to determine the outcome of the case—or evidence. Additionally, create a list of judgment comments you find in the transcripts. Judgments are information that could not be used to defend the actions in the case because they are feelings, emotion, or opinion—not fact.
Completing this assignment will inform your work on Milestone Three in Module Seven. The transcripts can be found in the Final Project Case Study.
For additional details, please refer to the Module Six Short Paper Guidelines and Rubric document and the Final Project Case Study document.


6-2 Short Paper: Building Common Ground and Trust Using Evidence
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6-2 Short Paper: Building Common Ground and Trust Using Evidence
Managing a workforce while trying to meet performance expectations in an organization can be hard for managers. However, in a world where labor is becoming increasingly diverse, organizations have to find ways of creating inclusive work environments (Rock & Grant, 2016). The case of Kareem’s termination from ABC Corporation is one that borders on religious discrimination. The behavior and responses of his colleagues, supervisors, and manager is inexcusable in a modern work environment. Hence, this paper lists relevant facts pertinent to the case, judgment comments used to defend actions in the case, and strategies that ABC Corporation could use to meet Kareem’s needs while still maintaining performance expectations.

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