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Training Proposal: VP, JP Morgan Chase & Co. (Essay Sample)


Don't write too good, my topic is Professional development plans (“career action plans”). And My major is Finance, please resale to my major.


Persuasive Training Proposal and Annotated Bibliography
Institution Affiliation
Training Proposal: VP, JP Morgan Chase & Co.
Target Audience
The training targets the top level employees that are in supervisory and management roles. These managers are in charge of supervising the junior employees so as to ensure achievement of the organisations goals.
Introduction to the Training topic
The training has been instigated from the realization that majority of leaders and managers in organisations like JP Morgan Chase & Co. are mainly highly trained in the technical specialties that is required to carry out their roles. However, they lack the skills to mentor and coach their subordinate which is a prerequisite of leadership and managerial positions. The ability to coach and mentor junior employees is not only beneficial to the employees because they are able to develop their careers but also to the organization as its able to retain its skilled employees who would have eventually sort greener pastures elsewhere. Emil and Karlsen define workplace coaching as “the process of equipping people with the tools, knowledge and opportunities they need to fully develop themselves to be effective in their commitment to themselves and the company” (Emil Berg & Terje Karlsen, 2012). My firm intends to improve productivity in your company by teaching your managers about the benefits of coaching and instilling in them the appropriate attributes that make a good coach. Marsh identifies ten qualities that make a good coach including the ability to listen without judging when individuals express themselves, ability to reflect on what has been said, challenge constructively and provide feedback that doesn't sound like criticism (Marsh, 2012). These are among the many skills that this training will help boost your company.
Specific goals for the training session
My firm intends to accomplish the mission over a five day period and will focus on:
* Building self confidence in the managers and improve their interpersonal skills including the ability to motivate others and resolve conflicts whenever they arise.
* Educating the managers on the benefits of delegation and succession planning in their departments.
* Teaching the managers how to handle stress and work load and the significance of ensuring a work/life balance.
* Instilling the managers with the attributes of a good coach.
Benefits of the Training
Mosley mentions in her article on workplace coaching “Employees who are coached to performance rather than managed to performance are more committed to and invested in the outcomes of their work and achievement of organizational goals” (Mosley, 2010). The statement reinstates my firm's mission on training your managers on coaching. Proper coaching creates valuable employees who in turn offer valuable service to the organization. More over coaching promotes employee creativity, is a critical competency in leadership and management, and is important in employee retention through its support for employee career development and satisfaction. Wilson adds to Mosley's sentiments and states “Coaching skills builds and enhances team and work group performance, motivates sales production, improve management and leadership and promote diversity awareness and leveraging” (Wilson, 2014).
My firm will strive to ensure that your organization is able to realize the aforementioned benefits and more through your managers who will now double up as competent coaches and mentors.
Training Agenda
The coaching training will be an interactive class based training where the manage

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