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Persuasive Essay about Traffic Enforcement Camera (Essay Sample)

I need five paragraphs persuasive essay about traffic enforcement camera. I want to persuate people that the traffic enforcement camera for red light or speed is not functioning or working. So i am against the traffic camera. So on the five paragraphs: 1) introduction and thesis statement clear. 2) three supporting points and opposing arguments/rebuttal. 3) conclusion. source..

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(19 March, 2012)
Persuasive Essay about Traffic Enforcement Camera
Research in light camera indicates that the cameras contribute very little in reducing collisions and injuries. In the actual sense, the number of injuries increased. On the contrary, despite the fact that red light reduced collisions emanating from individuals running red lights, they substantially made the overall number of accidents to increase. A lot of people believe that the increase has been as a result of some drivers slamming the brakes of their vehicles fearing ticketing. The cameras cause drivers to focus mainly on their speedometers rather than concentrating on how to navigate the various curves (Porter, 2011).
Thesis: Malfunctioning of the traffic Enforcement Camera for Red Light or Speed
On the other hand, the traffic lights have various positive effects. First, their installation is mostly splashed in many prints. All drivers including the aggressive ones get a reality check prior to driving. However, this does not mean that these drivers will think well. Most of them contain limited spawn of attention and forget all about the cameras. In such like cases, a mailed ticket on them acts a serious reminder for their arrogance while driving. Additionally, a red light may remind drivers to leave work early or encounter the effects.
Secondly, red lights normally ensure that repeat offenders are given very stiff pen...
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