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Traditional Dances And Their Backgrounds (Essay Sample)


Understanding and learning about dance courses, understanding and researching the historical background of dance


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People are able to learn a dance or steps of a dance when someone else describes it to them. However, it is possible for us to learn it better by physically performing the steps why we observe as well as imitate the instructor as he or she does it. This can be explained by the action observation network of the brain. In the same way, we can research the background of the traditional dances to help us understand them better. Thus, this essay describes some of the traditional dances and their backgrounds.
There are several dances that and they include Gahu, Dunba, Tokoe, Kpatsa, and Damba-Takai. Toke dance is a traditional dance performed by Ga-Adangbe, early inhabitants of Southern Ghana who include Dawa, Nigo, and Sege (Amegago, 2009). Traditionally, this type of dance is performed by girls of Adangbe during initiations to show their coming to age, endurance as well as future responsibilities. In the modern world, this dance is performed by both boys and girls in different modern settings like schools for different purposes such as Thanksgiving Day. This dance expresses themes of endurance, healthiness, obedience, and coming of age. Tokoe instrumental ensemble includes Gakagui, Axatse, Kagan, kidi, and Atsimewu. Most songs nowadays do not accompany the dance and their meaning is subject to investigations.
Another dance is Agbanza movement which is the basis of the majority of the African dances. This dance may have different names, especially with Yoruba using them. Features of this dance include torso contraction and release (Amegago, 2009). This is accompanied by hands' movement i

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