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Tradition Revival in Contemporary korea (Essay Sample)


Tradition Revival in Contemporary Korea


Tradition Revival in Contemporary Korea
Tradition preservation is a paramount aspect that is valued by many nations. Although not every nation is proud of its tradition, a big percent of the nations preserve, and value tradition since they get economic boosts as a reward. Just like many nations in Africa who are believed to value their tradition, Korea has also been in the forefront to preserve their tradition.
Different from other nations, Koreans are believed to have stated valuing their culture over 500 years ago. According to Kim & Graves, (1995), the culture not only comprised of tradition art, but also music and dances, and other many ceremonies that kept people from different tribes to unite and, therefore, made it possible to uphold and preserve their tradition.
Even though one can’t tell whether Korea tradition was "dead" before, the American Museum of Ceramic art has shown for sure that there is gradation revival in contemporary Korea. This is after presenting ICHEON, which is an unparalleled exhibition that was organized by Icheon, in South Korea. With a history of ceramic culture for more than 5000 years, Icheon had a good reputation for its internationally changed ceramics cultural events Kalland & Sorensen (1991).
Due to the good reputation, Icheon had managed to reach America with traditions where over 200 objects which were never seen before in America were observed. This illustrated the revival of the ceramics tradition in Korea from historic techniques to modern innovations. The fact that Ichean has seen new markets in America, The town has an advantage since there are over 350 studios as well as potteries that only specialize in traditional, contemporary and high-tech appliance body.
Technology on the other had has made this possible since things are easier to make, making it possible to conquer the new demand in the American market. Due to these factors, Korea local economy lilies on the tradition objects, a reason why there has been Tradition Revival in Contemporary Korea.

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