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Total Dissatisfaction - Intriguing Piece (Essay Sample)


This essay is a big part of my grade, I need somebody who really good at writing and also summary (I need at least a B+ in this essay). As less as possible grammar problems. Thank you so much.
Please read "Total Dissatisfaction" (43-44) in ON THE HEIGHTS OF DESPAIR by E.M. Cioran and write a one page or more handwritten reaction in your journal.


Total Dissatisfaction
Total Dissatisfaction
Total dissatisfaction is a rather intriguing piece and most importantly thought to provoke. The author is clearly dissatisfied with being human and more specifically having to worry about all that is happening around them, as a highly conscious being (Total Dissatisfaction, n.d.). They would want to change so that they would not ever have to worry again, juggling around all the information that they have. If it were a choice, they would want to care less and live a free life.
This is a piece that is certainly thought to provoke especially with the way the author is able to appeal to the readers on the suffering associated with being not just conscious but also well informed. It embraces

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