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Top Fad Diets: Love Them or Leave Them. How the Raw Food Diet is analogous to barefoot running (Essay Sample)


Please complete the following.
Read Tobi Amidor's article from U.S. News and World Report, "Top Fad Diets: Love Them or Leave Them?" at http://health(dot)usnews(dot)com/health-news/blogs/eat-run/2014/01/24/top-fad-diets-love-them-or-leave-them. Then, respond to all four of the following prompts. These are meant to challenge your skill as a researcher and writer, but email me if you are having difficulty. I am happy to help.
*1 Search the Internet for a personal observation about a person whose health was improved by the "gluten-free diet." Summarize their experience (250+ words). Be sure to include an APA Style citation and reference.
*2 Search Ebsco Academic Search Premiere to find five research studies published on the health benefits of the "intermittent fasting" diet. List all five studies as APA Style references.
*3 Search the Internet for case examples (or testimonials) of two people who claim to have benefited from using the "paleo diet." Summarize the two case examples (200+ words for each case example [i.e., 400+ words in total]).
*4 Explain how the "raw food diet" is analogous to "barefoot running," which is a form of exercise (150+ words). (If you need more information on barefoot running, then google it or see http://www(dot)runnersworld(dot)com/running-shoes-gear/barefoot-running.)


Toby Amidor: Top Fad Diets
Institutional Affiliation:
Toby Amidor: Top Fad Diets
Prompt #1
The gluten-free diet has attracted the attention of many with some users, providing testimonials of the benefits of the diet. Chuck, a 44-year old man, attests that a gluten-free diet has helped reduce body aches, pains, and fatigue and also led to him losing 45 pounds within a nine-month period. After realizing the health problems, Chuck contacted a Naturopathic physician who diagnosed him with gluten intolerance, and with the advice he started utilizing the gluten-free diet. He says that his fasting glucose level has gone below 100 that has not happened for over ten years. Additionally, the diet enabled him to eliminate three diabetes medications that he was using before he began the journey. He says that support is critical for one to stick to the gluten-free diet and realize its positive impacts (Transition Me Gluten-Free, 2015).
Prompt #2
There are several investigations that have been done to uncover the benefits of the periodic fasting diet. According to Mattson et al., limiting food intake can help prevent obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. The study compares the eating habits of animals and that of humans and the resulting health effects (Mattson et al., 2014). Also, by restricting food consumption, one controls the number of calories in their body and thus weight loss (Simmons, 2015). As discussed by Patterson et al. (2015), voluntary food and drink abstinence results in metabolism and weight changes that are associated with cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases. Young (2012), explains that by periodically depriving oneself this results in a healthy mind and body. Additionally, Leslie (2015), discusses that short-term fasting leads to people living longer, healthy lives. According to the study, calorie restriction results in the prevention of diseases such as diabetes and obesity that arise from overindulgence (Leslie, 2015).
Prompt #3
Paleo solution is one of the diets that many people are using to achieve healthy living. A testimonial is given by Racheal Scarlet’s mother concerning how Paleo helped in the management of autism in her daughter. Scarlet was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and at 20 months she could not speak any word. Her mother resorted to feeding Scarlet with a diet free of legumes, dairy products, and grain and...
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