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Time Management and Study Research Assignment Paper (Essay Sample)


Please I need your help and privancy . The topic: To illustrate your process for balancing your time and managing your schedule for the purpose of helping other distance education students learn how they can do the same. Essay must be typed, double spaced, using a standard 12- point font and left justification, Use 1-inch margins on all sides. Please it by email. Thanks.


Time Management
Time Management and Study
Time management when in school is a crucial skill as it is one that determines the success that one has in their studies. Most importantly, however, is the fact that this is a skill that is later on transferred in in later life processes (The College Board, 2017). This is with reference to aspects such as work and family; a balance that for most people is a challenge. This is especially important, when considering the business in life that is common today.
To manage time and a schedule that best works at the individual level, there are a number of aspects that have to considered (Trustees of Dartmouth College, 2017). One is that, there is need to make a plan, which helps bring the element of organization in all the activities that will be undertaken, along with the with the management of the time available (The College Board, 2017). This simply refers to setting the priorities right in reference with the time.
It is also crucial that a student understands their study habits. This refers to the time the students best feel comfortable studying. There are those that feel that they are better suited studying in the morning and there are those that better study in the evening (Dumbauld, 2014). This is crucial as it helps maximize the leaning ability. Understating oneself is a crucial part of maximizing time management and fulfilling the scheduled objectives in time and with quality results (Jacobs, & Hyman, 2017).
It is also important that a student is able to create time for other activities of interest. concentrating on studies alone will easily wear down the student as they also need the time to relax and take part in activities that help them grow socially as well (The College Board, 2017). This helps regenerate the energy to take part in studies. It is also crucial to have quality sleep, as this determines the level of energy available to manage all the activities whether in studies or in cocurricular activities.
Dumbauld, B. (2014). 8 Time Management Tips for Adult College Students. Blog | How to Save on Your College Degree | StraighterLine. R...
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