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Tim Munchins Commencement speech. Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


Step 1
Access Tim Minchin’s Commencement Speech at University of Western Australia, available through the website below.
Genius [Website].
Available at https://genius(dot)com (Links to an external site.)
In order to find Tim Minchin’s speech, type his name in the search field at the top left of the page. Select the artist Tim Minchin, and on his page under the section Popular Time Minchin Songs, locate the one titled Commencement Speech and University of Western Australia.
First, read the speech and analyze its parts. Determine the purpose of the speech and establish whether the speech message is suitable to the topic, purpose, audience, and culture.
Step 2
Then, watch the video (on the lower left side of the page, titled Music Video), and incorporate the speaker’s verbal and nonverbal communication. How does the way the speaker looks, addresses the audience, and speaks affect the overall goal of the message? Explain. Present your analysis of the speech in a 500-word APA-formatted paper.
Alternate source for the video:
The University of Western Australia. (Producer). (2013, October 7). 9 life lessons - Tim Minchin UWA address [Video file].
Available at https://youtu(dot)be/yoEezZD71sc


Time Minchin Commencement Speech
Minchin is a popular Australian Musician, songwriter, composer, writer and comedian who spoke to the graduates at UWA. Tim Minchin narrates to the graduates how he did a corporate gig at a conference for a big company that sold accounting software. The main intention of Tim Minchin is to inspire people. The audience are graduates who have graduating from the University. 

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