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Writing Is Thinking Vs Writing College Essay Writing (Essay Sample)


Read: Strong "Writing is Thinking”, Irvin "What is Academic Writing?”
Write & print for class: A short summary of both articles (about 50 words for each); a brief discussion (about 100 words) of how the articles are similar, different, etc.); and a personal response (about 100 words) of your own thoughts about the ideas in both articles.


Writing Is Thinking Vs Writing College Essay
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In “writing is thinking,” Strong argues out that there is a great difference between the manner in which high school students and college students write their essays. In college, writing is not just about putting the ideas of the essay topic down but rather involves the act of showing the depth at which the student has understood the ideas. A college student is responsible for their actions (Silverman & Rader, 2009).
In “What is academic writing,” Irvin argues that the success involved in writing depends on the manner in which the student understand the task as well as how they approach it. Irvin gives various myths about the art of writing which play a substantial role in coming up with a good essay. A format for writing a good academic essay has also been outlined (Irvin, 2010).
The two articles discuss the key point of a good college essay as being the fact that the student should understand the topic well and carry out research that will reflect their understanding of the topic. The depth of writing discussed by Strong is evident in the various myths of writing outlined by Irvin whereby a student should start writing once they have completely figured out what is required of them in the specific topic. This includes Irvin’s argument of the identification of the essay’s purpose, context, documents to be used and the target audience in order to present the right ideas.
I think that Strong’s’ arguments reflect the truth about college life because expressing the understanding of a concept is an indication that the student is doing their research well and is dedicated to learning more. Students do not rely only on what they are taught...
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