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There are benefits of human cloning (Essay Sample)

This essay must be persuasive and work cited in APA Please show opposing views points to add credibility @ source..
Human Cloning is Beneficial (Name) (University) (Course) (Tutor) (Date) In the contemporary times, emerging reproductive technologies have the capacity to either replenish or ravage families. The most remarkable among these groundbreaking technologies is cloning. In the recent past, scientists and researchers have been able to produce functional genetic replicas of several organisms, a development that significantly enhances the possibility for successful human cloning. However, the prospect for human cloning has elicited considerable controversy with some of its critics questioning the morality of reproducing fellow human beings by means of cloning. Similarly, other people have questioned the potential benefits associated with human cloning arguing that its disadvantages and negative implications on the society greatly outweigh the purported advantages (Kilner, 2002). Therefore, based on this background, this paper seeks persuasively argue that human cloning could be extremely beneficial to humankind given its projected ability to considerably improve the quality of life. By and large, proponents of human cloning and genetic scientists cite several benefits that could be derived from the adoption of this technology. To begin with, human cloning has the potential to remedy infertility among couples (Humber & Almeder, 2010). Currently, the options available for curing infertility expose the affected couples to both emotionally and physically torturous procedures that have no guarantee for success. In most instances, the affected individuals exhaust their energy and resources devoid of any success. With human cloning, however, infertile couples can have genetically similar offspring reproduced from their own cells through nuclear transfer. Consequently, couples who previously could not have a baby will be able produce technologically assisted children and subsequently share in the joy of parenthood (WVU, n.d). Thus, human cloning can help remedy infertility among human beings besides eliminating the strain associated with current sterility treatments. Secondly, human cloning can greatly augment such medical procedures as cosmetic, reconstructive and plastic surgery. This can be achieved through cloning and production of fat, cartilage, bones, connective and other body tissues that exactly match the genetic makeup and cell composition of the patient. For instance, body modification patients undergoing such procedures as breast enhancement would be fitted with cloned fat and connective tissues as opposed to such foreign materials as silicone implants (Smith, 2002). Likewise, people whose limbs and faces have been deformed through accidents can safely have them repaired through tissue and bone cloning. As a result, such negative consequences as immune diseases, infections, and rejection associated with introduction of foreign materials into the body during such procedures would be averted (Humber & Almeder, 2010). Therefore, adoption of ...
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