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Themes In Rhinoceros Play: How Human Superior (Essay Sample)


The thesis should be in form of argument which will be supported by 3 points. each point with its own paragraph starting with topic sentence and then various evidences stated from the book to support the point, followed by analysis of evidence in support of point. The points should also be supported by use of evidence, representing literary device like symbolism etc. to demonstrate deeper understanding of play and not just remain on surface of play. There is no need for introductory paragraph and concluding paragraph. I just want the thesis statement with 3 main supporting point pargraphs on the given topic (choose any subject from the given ones).The essay written, should be original with no information from the internet. The uploaded book contains other plays as well but the essay is based only on rhinoceros, so need to read the other plays.


Themes in Rhinoceros Play
Rhinoceros Play
In Rhinoceros, the author has used different themes to illustrate how human beings are superior to the Rhinoceri. Specifically, the theme of Will and Responsibility has been used to achieve this purpose. Those who have will power and take responsibility for their actions to lead meaningful lives, whereas those lacking this willpower succumb to the pressures of life. The truth in this is made clear through the characters Berenger, who has a great sense of moral responsibility, and Jean, Dudard, and Daisy, on the other hand, who are just guided by the will of power and no responsibility.
The theme of will and responsibility is best illustrated through the character Berenger, who transforms from an unconcerned man to one at the center of saving humanity. At first, Berenger is presented as a man with no aim in life and who lacks concern for anything else except for his alcohol. He tells Jean “but everybody hasn't as much willpower as you have. I can't get used to it. I just can't get used to life.” (p. 7). He goes through life as if it is a dream and almost everything is boring to him including his work and life. However, in spite of being perceived as an escapist who constantly sought to escape from the pressures of life through alcohol, his great will power comes live when he chooses to stick to his human identity. His friend Jean helps him discover this will. Belanger failed to understand why others around him were ready to transform into other beings far from their human nature. In the end, he is among the few humans who manage to maintain their real identities. He shows a great will of responsibility through his concern for all. For instance, Berenger is given the opportunity to unite with the woman he really loved, Daisy, but for this to happen, it would mean losing Dudard, his co-worker to the Rhinoceri. In this case, he decides to save Dudard at the expense of his love, hence proving that he was

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