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DQ7 Ways of Communication Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


DQ7 Show some of the ways you communicate in addition to words. Chose at least three different ways and give examples of each in your own interactions with others.
Once you show these, write a discussion on how your non-verbal behaviors are as powerful and as important as words in your own communication? Discuss in as much detail as possible.
Please Note: If you chose not to make a video, your discussion must be at least (300 words to explain your behaviors since you are not showing them and 200 words to discuss their importance and power) 300 WORDS


Ways of Communication
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Effective communication is the key to success in all walks or fields of life and the best way to communicate with others is by using words or a particular language. While communicating or interacting with people around me, I use three different ways. The first one is paying attention to nonverbal signs, the second one is writing and the third one is facial expressions.
I use the first method while interacting with deaf or other disabled people (Ways of Learning in Communication/Media, 2014). I pay utmost attention to their nonverbal signs and try to convey my message in the same way.
The second method is used when I have to exchange ideas, information, or thoughts with my clie

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