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The True Cost And Global Fashion Dark Industry (Essay Sample)


Every day, we are bombarded with information. Sometimes it is well-intended and reliable, sometimes it is meant to deceive.
Among others, advertisers, astroturfers, politicians, commercial enterprises (businesses) and religious organizations alike are in the business of convincing people, and many of them are highly skilled in this.
They often have an extensive arsenal of strategies (or, rather, tricks) to convince people of their message. Some of these tricks are the use of emotion (pathos), logic (logos) and authority (ethos) to convince a target audience to take a certain action (e.g., buy something, share a message on social media, join a religion, or support a politician).
What we will do in this essay assignment is study and expose the tricks used in advertisements, political ads, memes, and videos. Additionally, we will research the validity of the information they share.
You will select a video that deals with a current and/or controversial topic (e.g., a documentary, political advertisement or commercial). Then you will describe this video in detail, explain what you believe the creator’s goal is, and who you believe the target audience could be. Then, you are to expose the video’s rhetorical appeals—ethos, pathos and logos. Related to the latter (logos), you will need to explain the most important claims the video makes and, using reliable sources (that you will be asked to defend), fact-check these claims.
When you follow the aforementioned steps, you should be able to expose any illogical reasoning or attempts to deceive or trick the audience.
Your essay should be written in APA format. The number of paragraphs depends on how you decide to organize your work. You are expected to write ≥ 750 words.
20 Sources The evidence and examples come from reliable sources.
(The author defends his/her sources in a separate journal entry.)
20 APA format Author cites all data obtained from other sources.
All citations are done in the correct format (APA) with no errors.
Reference page is included and formatted correctly.
20 Grammar and Vocabulary
The essay is clear and understandable.
Virtually no errors in punctuation, spelling, grammar, or capitalization that distract the reader and make the ideas difficult to understand.
25 Reasoning & Analysis Strong introduction.
The visual and video’s rhetorical appeals (ethos, logos, pathos), probable objectives (goals) and target audience are described clearly. Any illogical reasoning or attempts to deceive or trick the audience are described clearly.
Findings are supported with evidence (quotations and paraphrases, at least one per paragraph) from reliable sources, each in a separate paragraph.
Strong conclusion paragraph.
15 Organization
Ideas are presented in an excellent pattern of organization that very strongly supports the controlling idea.
Paragraphs are tightly focused and progress from one to another logically and effectively.
The final product is approximately 750 words long.


The True Cost
The True Cost
This documentary seeks to inform the viewer of the dark industry that has been created by the global fashion industry. It shows the conditions of the sweatshops where the clothes we wear come from and the conditions of the workers who make them. The director also sought to show the environmental footprint of the unsustainable farming methods which are endured by cotton farmers in the far east. The director has also included clips from other media houses that details the stories of other journalists who have attempted to expose the big fashion industries and their continued exploitation of people in Cambodia, Bangladesh and other far eastern countries for profits.
The creator’s goal is to educate the general public of the people who are exploited to make the clothes that they wear. The author seems to have an indirect objective of making the people push back at the fashion industry and compel them to treat the people who make their clothes better and in the best interest of their wellbeing and their societies. The film seems to be directed at the consumer who doesn’t understand that the clothes he/she wears come from the blood and tears of people in another part of the world who have been trapped in an inescapable system to sustain the fashion industry.
The primary audience of the film is the general public in western countries who do not know where their clothes come from. The consumers of the clothing industry in the western world who assume that the clothes they wear are manufactured in factories that have the best interests of their workers in mind. The goal envisioned by the film director is to make the consumers of these products push back at the corporations who have created this unsustainable system to revisit their business model and restructure it in a way that ensures that the workers in the sweatshops get better remunerations and their working conditions are improved.
Rhetorical appeals
The author has used various rhetorical appeals to convince his audience to rally behind him in boycotting the fashion industry until it responds by improving the conditions of the workers in the developing countries.
Pathos is a rhetorical tool t

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