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The Snake in Various Italian Literary Works (Essay Sample)

the essay i need is for the italian high school. the main topic of the essay has to be the SNAKE. i need to include information of the SNAKE in those school subjects listed below: Italian literature (from late 1800 to end 1900) philosophy (from late 1800 to end 1900) (f.e. Darwin and his theory) English literature (from late 1800 to end 1900) Latin literature (from 98 a.C up) art history (from late 1800 to end 1900)(f.e.Fortunato Depero -The four snakes) history (from late 1800 to end 1900) Basically i need connect the snake to different artist, authors,philosophers,history events... if you can connect also the snake with mathematic or physic, it will be great. source..
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Contents TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u Abstract PAGEREF _Toc309478171 \h 2The Snake in Various Italian Literary Works PAGEREF _Toc309478172 \h 3References PAGEREF _Toc309478173 \h 7Appendix PAGEREF _Toc309478174 \h 9Appendix 1: Clésinger Auguste`s "woman bitten by a snake" PAGEREF _Toc309478175 \h 9Appendix 2: Guido Mocafico artwork of snakes PAGEREF _Toc309478176 \h 9
Snakes have been used in ancient Italy as a symbol of communication. Contemporary and modern historians, philosophers, artists and writers make use of the snake to pass messages depending on the cultural and social context. This research explores writers like Armanda Guiducci in "the Apple and the Snake;, Giovanni Francesco in "Biancabella & the Snake" and Carlo Gozzi`s play "The Snake Woman" and the art work of artists like Clésinger Auguste and Guido Mocafico reveal snake images. These literary works have provided an understanding of Italian culture, norms, values and religion as symbolized by the snake. The use of the snake in religion and social context, reveal Italian philosophical views, where religious dogmas surrounding the snake as an evil and vile animal exist. In the end, it was revealed that to Italians, the snake is an indication of death, oppression of women, and the superiority of men in the society.
The Snake in Various Italian Literary Works
People have always had a fascination with the world around them and for this reason, have incorporated plants and animals in literary works. Literary works area means of communication for humans, in which words and symbols come into play. Symbols have been used from history to convey messages, with modifications and variations emerging at different times to offer meaning according the social and cultural context at the time (Wick, 2005). Of interest are the snake symbols used in society. Italian literature, philosophies, art, history and the sciences have representations of the snake. The interest of this research paper, are those historical, philosophical, artistic, literary and scientific works of the late 1800s to the end of the 1900s that depict the "snake;.
Italian literature and writers have incorporated the snake in various works. For example, the writer, poet and literary critic Guiducci Armanda used the snake in her work "la mela e il serpent" in 1974 translated as "the Apple and the Snake;. In this piece of work, this work rhetorically uses the snake to represent the internalization of women, and their marginal status in the society as a result of biology. To this writer, women`s social status is exhibited by fertility often symbolized by menstrual flow (Healey 2011). The snake here represents the superiority of men over women. Another literary work with representation of the snake is Giovanni Francesco`s fairy tale "Biancabe...
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