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Issues of Gender and Language Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


DQ6 Please view the above cartoon, and discuss the issue of gender and language that this cartoon illustrates. Additionally, describe at least two examples from your own life that demonstrate some differences in language between the genders. 275 words


Issues of Gender and Language
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In this cartoon, we can see that there are two groups of students, both of them are taught by a male teacher and a female teacher (Weatherall, 2015). The female students call their male teacher patronizing, arrogant, and abrupt. On the other hand, male students consider this teacher clear, confident, and forceful.
At the same time, the female teacher is called gutsy, strong, and outspoken by the female students. On the other hand, male students consider her pushy and obnoxious.
This indicates that there is a mix of thoughts and comments and that the language barrier exists in this cartoon. It looks like the male students are not happy with their female teacher and want to have a male teacher only, which is the case of gender discrimination.
In the same way, the female students call the female teacher str

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