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The effect of alcohol abuse (Essay Sample)

Introduction: It must have a hook.Topic (situation) and brief explanation(definition) of what it means in your own words. General information/history about the current status of the situation.State the thesis – situation to be analyzed + controlling idea about the situation. Body paragraph: It should have three body include topic sentence which connect to main idea and support details. Conclusion: Transition to signal conclusion Brief summary of effects discussed in body paragraphs Emphasis of how all of the effects have resulted from the situation Brief personal comment about the situation in general (warnings, recommendations) source..

Running Head: The effect of alcohol abuse
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“Those who drink beer will think beer,” states Washington Irving. Alcohol abuse is a culture of drinking which results in deterioration of health, relationship with other people or ability to perform one's specific duties. Alcoholism can be said to be a disease because an alcoholic will continue to drink despite the negative effects on health, family and legal issues. It is chronic and lasts a person's lifetime, follows a definite course and has signs. Empirical evidence has it that the risks for developing this behavior are influenced by a person's lifestyle and genes. This article explains the effects that result from alcoholism and the recommendation for those affected by the disease.
Alcoholism has been observed to contribute to a range of negative effects on the users. The effects are classified into short term and long term effects. The short term effects include unconsciousness and loss of sleep. It may also result in irresponsibility in handling one's daily chores. For instance, an alcoholic may stop supporting his family and leave the responsibility of taking care of the family to his elder children or wife. Simply it is a parent to many social evils.
The long term effects are numerous, complicated and even tragic. They include effects on body systems and organs like the liver, brain and digestive tract. Some people have complained of back pain, nausea and diarrhea after heavy consumption of alcohol.
The habit of alcoholism has been observed to be more dangerous to women than the male counterparts. It contributes t...
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