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The Testimonies Produced In The Holocaust (Essay Sample)


Using the pointed summary technique, explain Wieviorka's argument in CHAPTER 3
In what ways, and with what attitudes, did the public receive the testimonies produced in the period?
All the sources must be chosen from CHAPTER 3


Testimonies of the Holocaust
Testimonies of the Holocaust

One way the public received the testimonies produced in the period is through television and radio broadcast. For example, in the 1970s, a television miniseries titles Holocaust was broadcast in the United States, France, and also in Germany. It involved video testimonies of the “survivors” of those who lived under the Nazi domination (Wieviorka, 2006, p. 97).
The other way the public received testimonies is through the film. One movie title Night and Fog was released in France featuring the Holocaust. Marvin Chomsky created a screenplay based on the novel by Gerald Green that explored two German families where one supported Nazism and another Jewish. The movie received a lot of criticism in U.S., France, and Germany for ‘romanticizing’ the events of the Holocaust (Wieviorka, 2006, p. 98). Another movie that can be mentioned is The Diary of Anne Frank done in 1959 that acts as a memory of the genocide.
The public also received this information through novels and books. One successful book is the Exodus and Mila 18 that focuses on the survivors as heroes. In the United States, many publications and academic programs emerged that focused on the Holocaust (Wieviorka, 2006, p. 104). By 1995, more than one hundred U.S. institutions had programs and publications teaching about the Holocaust. During the Palestinian-Israel conflict in the 1990s, many authors wrote of their fears of events such as those of the Holocaust.
In 1977, the U.S. created an organization that was mandated to track the Nazi war criminals who ill

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