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RR6: Telephone Technology (Essay Sample)


(1)  Bogost argues that the telephone is no longer a “technology of intimacy”.  What does he mean by this?  How does this loss relate to the physical design of modern mobile phones?
(2)  What do Clayton et al. mean by the term “extended self”?  How does this perspective on technology compare with others we’ve discussed (media as social actors, the Apparatgeist, etc.)?
(3)  Smith’s 2015 technical report presents descriptive statistics on several trends regarding smartphone use in the United States.   If you are from outside the U.S.,(I’m From China)
do these trends match how you would describe smartphone use in your home country?


Telephone Technology
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Telephone Technology
The invention of the telephone was meant to simplify communication with people from far distances. Telephone technology provides a social experience through calls and messaging. According to Bogost (2015), the experience of using a phone has changed with the physical design. 20 or 30 years ago, a person felt so excited talking through the phone due to the fancy keyboard and two-way pager. The telephone is no longer a technology of intimacy as people view a phone as just a mechanical tool. The development of smartphones makes technology ungainly mechanically and socially. Past telephone designs provided a person with a good experience reaching out and touching someone through the handset.
An extended self is an anxiety that cell phone users may experience when separated from their devices (Clayton, Leshner & Almond 2015). Mobile technology has become an integral part of people’s lives, with users feeling anxious when they cannot find their phones. Cla

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