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Synthesis Paper. Fareed Zakaria’s article. Social Sciences Essay (Essay Sample)


at least five source from reliable source, with bibliography on a separated page.
Use the given article (the picture) as topic, either agree or disagree with the author. Find evidence from reliable source and argue for why you agree with author or not.


Due Date
Fareed Zakaria’s article titled Immigration Lessons for the U.S. from Around the World is one that offers a summary of almost all the immigration issues in the world today. Immigration has become a major topic in the U.S. political class ever since President Donald Trump assumed office. From the start, it was clear that Trump was against the high number of immigrants the U.S. has been allowing in the country. The argument from his camp was that immigrants come to take up jobs that are meant for the U.S. citizens. Trump’s argument is not new, and in several countries around the world, the same sentiments have been said. In South Africa, for example, attacks fueled by xenophobia made news for several weeks in September 2019. Intolerance towards immigrants continues to be a major issue in the world. But, even as immigrants are being fought from all corners, economists have continually admitted that there are some economic benefits tied with opening the borders to immigrants. The U.S., for example, has been built upon the blood, sweat, and tears of immigrants and even today, the country continues to reap big from the contributions made by immigrants. However, as Zakaria notes, the country needs to learn a few lessons from Canada to avoid a similar situation to that of Japan and Europe. This article thus seeks to support the notion that Canada’s immigration system that is centered on reducing the country’s economic needs ought to be adopted in the U.S.

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