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Synthesis paper in APA format Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


1. not only discusses why the individual texts are important but also explains how these texts are related to one another
2. Argues the importance of the conversation that the source texts are having.
3.consistently follows APA citation and formatting style.
4. Select 3 - 4 texts that are having a specific conversation about the topic and identify/name the conversation
Possible categories: identity, education, and multiple Englishes
5.Write a 1100 word synthesis paper that describes the conversation and argue why this discussion is meaningful
6. Use source rhetorically → Make strategic decisions about source use
BEAM model
Background - Mutabaruka lists the names of civil right leaders and incidents to provide context
Exhibit - Shae uses examples from recent newspapers as evidence
Argument - Lu cites Freire to build upon the previous conversation
Method - Lu adopts Burke’s perspective to analyze her experience
Source 1 Is English Getting Dissed by Amon Shea (https://www(dot)latimes(dot)com/opinion/op-ed/la-oe-shea-language-usage-20140727-story.html)
Source2 Watch Your Language (http://www(dot)pbs(dot)org/speak/speech/reveal/)
Source3 Superman and Me by Sherman Alexie
Source 4: From Silence to Words: Writing as Struggle
Source 5: Dis Poem


The Nature of The English Language Today
Student’s Name
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The Nature of The English Language Today
English is a language that has been acquired by the majority of people around the world. In modern-day society, it is rare to find an individual who is not familiar with the English language. In most countries, English is taught as a second language. This is because, on the world stage, leaders, businesspersons, activists, and world aid groups converse through the common language, which is English. When representatives meet on global platforms, they can speak their nation’s vernacular and have it interpreted. Still, the most common language during these meetings is English. Hence, with time, it is likely to become the world’s first universal language. Still, there are challenges to the English language and opportunities that have resulted from its use. In this paper, the author seeks to examine the nature of the English language in the modern-day world by drawing from information in select articles.

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