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Sex education in schools (Essay Sample)

your essay should be organized in a way that is most appealing to your target audience-make full use of the rhetorical appeals-and should include at least two reasons( no more than five) to support your main claim. Though you do not need to specifically address the main counterarguments against your claim. you should very briefly summarized and acknowledge opposing views to provide some background on the issue. be sure your argument is properly organized into three distinct sections- an introduction, a body and a conclusion, and that each of these sections has their own well-developed paragraph. 3 FULL pages please typed, double spaced pages, standard margins, 12pt professional font. include a full heading Yan (Steven) LI English 1304-17080 Olga Feliciano source..
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Sex education in schools
Sex education is a wider topic for discussion. This is because it describes education about human sexual anatomy, sexual intercourse, reproduction due to sex and several aspects concerning the sexual behavior of human beings. Being a sensitive topic the expected avenues for the education include caregivers, parents, school programs and public health campaigns. Although this has elicited controversy on who should take full responsibility in the provision of sex education.
Main body
In recent times, many people would argue that sex has been overrated amongst the American teenagers. Interestingly, this group of young Americans is in school either in high school or in college. Being sexually active, the young Americans have been left with no option but to explore and seek adventure of sexual fantasies just like their bodies would demand (Kekla, 2009, pp 20-120).
Actually, sexual desires among teenagers naturally happen and are normal. On the other hand, the society demonizes sex among teenagers and especially when they are unmarried due to the obvious reasons of unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. However, parents are always reluctant to teach their kids on the subject while the teachers allege sex education is personal and so none of their duties (Sari, 2001, pp 12-30).
Now, who should teach the young teenagers about sexuality? Should they be taught by teachers or by parents? Or should both teachers and parents teach the kids? (Kekla, 2009) agrees with the majority that parents should be the ones to offer this private teaching program to their children. Morality is a fundamental foundation of what a society will be dealing with especially on human behaviors. Off course many would agree that teenagers should not even engage in sex, they should stick to abstinence and never even think of it. This larger group of conservatives is right to their own opinion. It does not support sex education on basis that the mention of the word sex will validate sex as normal for teens. Come to think of the current media culture, pop culture all which has become the channels of obscene sexual contents. These cultures reveal one thing that sexual content is here to remain. On the same note, sex education in schools is vital and helpful, but how successful will the education be...
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